Electric Scooters which are lighter in body weight and smaller in dimentions can afford to give longer range where as bikes are weighing around 100-150 kilos and that weight + the weight of 2 passengers effect the drivability and mileage. The Heavier the battery pack in turn makes the product much costlier. A lot of other Companies claim higher range which are false to sell their product.Dalmia Cyborg Bikes do not make false claims and stand up to our practical range. We are Constantly developing Batterys for Longer Range and are going to come up with 250-300km range soon but till then there is infinite range with our battery reload stations and Dalmia Cyborg Joule Stations.

Dalmia Cyborg Bikes are localized , Made in India. However we manufacture a couple of parts in china due to their low costs, We are trying to manufacture those as well in coming times.

With rising fuel prices and post pandemic economic crises every one wants to save money that’s the most important fact besides savings Ev Segment is pushing us towards a revolution to make the world a safer pollution free environment for our future generations talking about the cost factor electric vehicles have no or very little maintenance whereas engines have to be maintained,When you Become a Dalmia Cyborg. The petrol in terms of Battery is free for 5 years Due to our Comprehensive Warranty. By the end of 2.5 Years you would have saved over Rs. 1 Lack by becoming a Dalmia Cyborg.

E bikes would also be judged in resale according to the kilometers driven and the amount of years the battery has been utilized companies are also offering exchange or buy back of vehicles given the equation of battery utilization and once a person has made up his / her mind to buy an EV then they have already got to know the positive sides, With The Use of Lithium Ion Batterys The resale of Electric Bikes is at par with the Petrol Bikes.

We manufacture our own Battery packs and are happy to sell Extra Battery Packs to customers who want the sense of comfort for stress free driving, it can be bought directly from our dealers

Fast Chargers are Accessories and have a long term negative impact on the life and efficiency of the battery. We don’t Recommend Fast Charging.

5 years comprehensive warranty pan india.

72v 3.24 kWH, 3 Units and 72v 2.88 kWH , 2.5 Units

Yes you can , that’s why we use Lithium ion Batteries

5 year warranty on Battery, Chasis & Power train, excluding any wear and tear parts, glasses, bulbs, Plastic parts or LED lights.

All our Service centres will have extra parts which are normal wear and tear but specific parts if broken or damaged will be ordered from the Factory and delivered to the Dealer.

Yes, Regenerative braking is a way of taking the wasted energy from the process of slowing down and using it to recharge the batteries

We Recommend to use Wet cloth for wash, high pressure wash we would not recommend.

Use regenerative braking, Pre-condition your Vehicle, Condition the battery, Plan your route, Don't speed, Keep it smooth, Moderate use of ancillary systems, Be prepared.

Avoid full charging when you can. Avoid deep discharging your battery pack. On a hot day, try to park in the shade & during the winter, park in a garage, rather than on the street. To maximize battery life, minimize the use of quick charge.